Meet the Magick Behind the Enchantress Coven: My Story, Vision, and Journey


Meet Tia

At the heart of the Enchantress Coven is Tia Johnson, a beacon of guidance and inspiration for those seeking to embrace their truth and unlock their inner magick. Tia is not just the founder; she is a spiritual lifestyle coach, an eclectic witch, a certified healer, and a conduit for transformation and healing.

Tia's journey in guiding spiritually-centered individuals began with her own quest to live authentically, reconnect with goddess energies, and create a life imbued with magick. Her path has been illuminated by her extensive experience as a best-selling author, an international speaker, and a revered podcaster. Her insights and wisdom have graced the pages of Thrive Global, Create & Cultivate, and numerous radio shows and magazines.

What sets Tia apart is her ability to weave her vast knowledge and experiences into empowering teachings. She has shared her light at conferences and events across Canada, Ghana, the Bahamas, Mexico, and the United States, touching the lives of many who seek spiritual fulfillment and magickal manifestation.

In founding the Enchantress Coven, Tia has created a sanctuary for those who yearn to heal from within, reconnect with divine feminine energies, and manifest the magickal life they've always desired. Here, you're not just learning witchcraft; you're being guided by a seasoned enchantress who embodies the essence of the craft in every aspect of her life.

Join us in this sacred space where Tia Johnson's wisdom, experience, and nurturing guidance illuminate the path to your own magickal transformation.

Get Results Like These

Tia helped me to make this change - she is a Goddess herself - gentle and patient, kind, ready to help at any time. Her talent is unique - she finds the best way to help you - her readings, dream coachings, Reiki healings, or Goddess healings help you to recinnect wth your higher self and you know exactly what to do next. It's pure Magic!

First of all, you know your spiritual advisor will be impactful when they carry crystals in their bra! Tia has been my go-to person for everything spiritual and npt-so-spiritual. She listens intently, is NEVER judgemental and always provides spot-on advice. I couldn't imagine navigating life without her!

They say when the student is ready, the

master will appear. And Tia literally

popped at a time when I was not iust

searching for the next steps, but also

needed a guide. Working with her has been a delightful experience. Throughout this course, I have watched myself become aware of things I wasn't before and step more

deeply into mv power. Guided by Tia's

wisdom, transparency and unique

sense of humor, I found myself infused

with light, love, knowledge, power and



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Embrace this unique opportunity to be more than just a member; be a foundational pillar of a community that values your voice and vision. Join us as a Founding Enchantress and leave your mark on the mystical world.


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